52| Public School Teacher to Homeschool Mama: Jen's Inspiring Story

On todays episode of Hooked on Homeschool, I am so excited to introduce my friend Jen, a former public school teacher turned homeschooling mama.. I personally think she has also earned the well-deserved title of the "Field Trip Queen." Jen will share her incredible journey into her world of homeschooling, shedding light on why she made the choice to transition from the public school system to educating her children at home. Jen will take us on her remarkable journey, starting as a public school teacher and then making the choice to become a homeschooling mama. She'll share her motivations, insights, and all the inspiration you need, especially if you're contemplating homeschooling. So, get ready to hear the incredible story of this former public school teacher turned homeschool mama, right here on Hooked on Homeschool!

Jenn | Simplified Homeschool Mom (@simplyfreedommama) 

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