Are you ready to homeschool?


But don't know where to start?


Are you overwhelmed or frustrated with the school system or are you feeling like your child is always struggling?


Our simple Stress-free Step by step approach makes getting started with homeschooling easy!


Create an amazing homeschool experience now!


The ultimate online course that will teach you everything you need to know!

Hooked On Homeschool will help you navigate this exciting journey with ease!


Hi, I'm Dawn Janowitz!

I am so excited to share my passion for homeschooling with you!

As a wife and mother of three, I understand the importance of finding the right resources and support to ensure the success of your homeschooling journey.

That's why I've created Hooked On Homeschool, a comprehensive online course designed to provide you with everything you need to create a successful and fulfilling homeschooling experience for you and your family.


Unlock Your Child's Full Potential with Homeschooling!

Once you experience the incredible benefits of homeschooling, you'll be hooked!

Tailored Approach to Education

Homeschooling is incredibe because it allows parents to customize their children's education based on their unique learning styles and interests, providing them with a more personalized and effective learning experience.

Empowering Choice for Families

Homeschooling empowers families to create a safe and supportive learning environment that aligns with their beliefs, allowing parents to nurture their child's character development, reinforce their faith, and instill positive values that will guide them for life.

Endless Possibilities for Success

With a wide range of curriculum options, resources, and community support, there are endless ways to make homeschooling work for your family, helping your kids reach their full potential and thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Your Go-To Podcast For All Things Homeschool!

Looking to dive into the world of homeschooling or seeking inspiration to enhance your homeschooling journey? Tune into my podcast which brings you expert tips, insightful interviews, and real-life stories that will help you navigate the homeschooling experience with confidence and ease. Get ready to be empowered and inspired!


From my family to yours...

We wish you the best in finding success on your homeschool journey!

The decision to homeschool can be overwhelming and full of doubts, but I want to reassure you that you're not alone. As someone who has been on this journey, I can confidently tell you that the path may have its challenges, but it's also filled with countless rewards. 

 If you are considering homeschooling for your family, but feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start, don't worry.  I am here to offer you guidance and a roadmap to make your experience a confident, stress-free, and amazing homeschool journey.


Unlock the Power of Homeschooling:

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