Hi friends!! I’m Dawn Janowitz.

Joyful. Passionate. Commited.

Are you feeling uncertain about homeschooling? I get it. I've been there and understand those doubts and fears.

That's why I created Hooked On Homeschool. I'm dedicated to helping parents navigate the homeschooling journey with confidence and ease.

Let me guide you and provide you with the information, resources, and support you need to make the right decision for your family. Together, we can create an amazing homeschooling experience for your family!

Let me start by telling you a little something about me. 

My husband Eric and I have been married for 17 years and live just outside of Orlando, FL.

We have 3 children together:  Our son Asher who is 13, our daughter Journey is 7 and my little bundle of joy, Jesse, just turned 4. 

After spending years as a nurse and entrepreneur, I never thought I would become a homeschool mom. But now, I can't imagine living any other way!

Having Eric by my side in this journey of life is a blessing beyond measure. He is not only my partner but also my best friend, and together, we have already achieved so much!

Family First

As a homeschooling parent, I have witnessed firsthand how homeschooling can be a great choice for families.

When my son Asher was in the second grade, we came to the realization that the public school's one-size-fits-all approach wasn't the right fit for us. It was then that we took a bold leap of faith and opted for homeschooling. And the outcome? Nothing short of amazing!

Choosing to homeschool has been the best decision for our family. It has brought us closer together and strengthened our connection as a family.

Thriving Together

Homeschooling has allowed us to break free from the traditional routine of school and instead create a personalized learning experience for our children.

We are able to customize learning based on their individual needs, interests, and learning styles,

 As a result, our kids are more engaged and excited to learn.  Homeschooling has also given us the flexibility to pursue other passions and interests as a family, and explore the world around us!

The Most Out of Life

I truly believe that homeschooling has the power to unlock a world of possibilities for families, and help them thrive academically, personally, and beyond.

If you're thinking about homeschooling, I highly encourage you to take the leap and discover the amazing world of homeschooling!

Homeschooling creates an environment of exploration and self-discovery.

Hooked On Homeschool is here to help you navigate every avenue with ease.

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