36| Part 1-Jennifer Burns' Hybrid Homeschooling Approach with Turning Point Academy

In Part 1 of this 2 part series of Hooked On Homeschool, I will introduce you to Jennifer Burns, a true veteran in the world of homeschooling with three wonderful kids. Jennifer not only provided an outstanding homeschooling experience for her three boys but also pioneered an innovative approach – the hybrid homeschool model.  

In Part 2, Jennifer's will talk about her dedication to homeschooling and how it led her to partner with Turning Point USA, and assist with Turning Point Academy. Together, they're empowering other homeschooling moms to establish and run their own hybrid homeschools. From laying the initial groundwork to providing comprehensive tools and resources, Jennifer and Turning Point USA have you covered from A to Z.  

Let's join forces to strengthen the homeschooling movement and collectively nurture the growth of exceptional children. With Jennifer's expertise and the support of Turning Point Academy, we're on the path to raising the best kids ever.  



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